Introduction and Ad – 542

Hello everyone,

My name is David Bernheim; but folks just call me B. No one calls me May-B, yet. Currently, I serve as the Key Spouse and Key Spouse Mentor for the Surgical Group Command Squadron, 366 Medical Group, 366 Fighter Wing at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho. I insure that my spouses are well informed as they arrive, while they are here, when their spouses are deployed and during times of crisis or accidents.

Previously, I worked in many different educational settings – public, private and private boarding. Though I was trained to teach K-12 and specialized in English and Theatre Arts, most of my experience has been at the high school level.

Prior to my wife’s return to active service, I worked in the Dean of Students office at a 9-12 boarding school for students with learning differences. Additionally, I served as a house parent for 11 young men, Strategies of Instruction teacher, Project Adventure coordinator, coached rock climbing, both boys and girls soccer goalies, and girls hockey. It may seem like a lot; but should you ever get the chance to work at a boarding school, I highly recommend it.

I am an early adopter of technology, though my skill set does not equal my passion or interest. I do not own the latest gadgetry because I am a dad first and foremost. Now I am a grandfather as well. I like watching students and teachers get excited about learning. (We used to say watching the light come on.) Well, my light is on now too. I am trying to absorb all that I can to make me better as an educator and a mentor.

I like all things outdoors. Golfing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, barefoot water-skiing, bicycling, hiking, utv trail riding, and camping are just some of the activities my wife, our dog and I enjoy.