First Flight Shuttle 6

First Flight_001

CuriousGeorge takes the helm of Shuttle 6 for first flight. This pilot has the “right stuff.”

Productive struggle defined my first flight. Took quite a bit of help from the Commander ,Dali Haskel, in order to have the profile acceptable. Once I received notification it was past my permissible flight times and I slept my mandatory time. The alarm could not come fast enough.

I opened the rear hangar door first. Rezzed my ship and began the struggle to sit. First hover and I left the rear hatch open. It was challenging to operate the craft from the view (see picture.) I discovered how to engage Mouselook view for the first time. That was interesting but the control panels disappear.

During the first flight, I found myself off the grid and with the Prometheus nowhere in sight. I used the map to help me find the ship again. (The map is not accessible in mouselook.) I practiced landings and decided I would need to practice more soon.

I think the biggest “high” for me was not flying; but, assisting another pilot-in-training. Fairmont77’s craft left Prometheus with the rear hatch open. His error actually made me feel a little better, since I did not leave the ship like that. He used the rear hangar door I left open for my own use. I am not sure he knew my ship was coming in. Also, gave him some tips based upon my own experience. Made me feel a little more confident in my own schema acquisition.


About "B" Bernheim
“B”, his nickname, returns to the other side of the desk after many years. Graduating from UNC-Charlotte in 1983 with a BA in Education (K-12), he entered active service with the US Army. He began teaching high school upon completion of his tour of duty. B taught Language Arts and Social Studies for one year at the middle school level. English, Composition, Public Speaking, Theater, Forensics, and Technical Theater are among the subjects he has taught in public high school settings. Most recently, he was a Strategies of Instruction teacher, Assistant Dean of Students, dorm parent, girls’ hockey coach and rock climbing instructor at The Forman School in Litchfield, CT. The Forman School is a 9-12 boarding school specifically targeting students who learn differently.

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