RolePlay – Prehistorica

I decided this roleplay needed a roleplay post. Please visit my log here.


My First Game – Island Adventure 1

Embedded my Sploder game into a web page so I could include it here. WordPress was not being cooperative.

Bowness Space Elevator

Felt the urge to be an explorer today. Attempted to visit the link provided; however, the link appears non-functional. Teleported to the base of Bowness Space Elevator. Read all the panels, and like a true “curious george”, investigated many of the teleport links. George capped an oil spill on the bottom of the ocean floor and learned about mangrove ecosystems. George explored the control room at the base of the elevator but could not obtain control of the computers. George gained information on the future of space elevators and NASA’s intended future use. George rode the elevator into space. The view of the orbiting station/satellite and Earth was fascinating. Again, George explored rooms, control room and the view deck.

The possibility of use by other educators or scientists as a meeting point or point of embarkation was not lost on George. Would like to gather the information from the link should that become available.Bowness Space Elevator_001

Sploder Game Types

Our assignment tasked us to watch videos by Dr. Ruben Puentedura. We were then to play a variety of game types to determine what type of game we would create using Sploder. I explored Shooter, Retro Arcade, Platformer, Physics and 3D Mission Creator games to not only gain knowledge about the games but to build necessary schema to participate in the game spaces for the EdTtech 532 classroom.

I created the following table as I made notes on the various game types:

Game What I liked What I disliked Would I like to design a game like this?
Shooter Game:
Trutah Survival
Pace, pursuit, weapons choice Lack of mission clarity for me Yes, I find these intriguing and infectious to pursue success
Retro Arcade:
Haskell’s Test Game
Pace, instructions, challenges, race for coins Lack of instructions on diving down Yes, I think it would be fun to design a retro game
Weapons, climbing, different obstacles, and various enemies. Radar was a plus Having just one life and starting over @ beginning each time I was mired in the sauce I am not sure. I liked the challenges (loved Donkey Kong as a platform) Maybe.
Use of angles and concussion to move box to take coin Took a time or seven to figure out the objective was to move the box into the coin I think I would find this an intriguing challenge to create. Not sure I have the skill set, but may give it a try.
3D Mission Creator:
Countown to Detontation
Levels, choices of weapons, ability to play with a partner, mission concept When you lost first life, scoring was disabled. Movement was challenging when firing  As much as I liked the mission concept, I am not sure I want to create a game like this. Need to sleep on it.

After watching Dr. Ruben Puentedura’s podcasts, What Is A GameWhat Is a Good Game,  and exploring more good game criteria here, I created my own list for what I hope to achieve designing my game. I found irony in the good game used by Dr. Puentedura – Pitfall. One of my friends owned a video game console and I remember playing this game years ago. I hope I live up to my own expectation of game design.

Puentedura’s Good Game Requirements

  • Preparation before challenges
  • A sense of a game space
  • A range of challenges
  • A range of required abilities
  • Skill in using the required abilities

My Unique List

  • I want to provide information to be successful
  • I want players to feel a sense of the game space
  • I want to provide information to operate the character or machine
  • I want player scores to count each time
  • I want the game to get progressively more challenging
  • I want the game time or lives to equal bonus if my players finish in less time with more lives
  • I want to provide an experience for all levels of gamers

For a more complete listing of Dr. Rueben Puentedura’s free podcasts, please check this link to iTunes.