Safeguarding My Digital Identity – My Plan B

Reflecting on my Digital Footprint post, I found evidence that leads me to believe we should be thinking in terms of when we were children making footprints in freshly poured cement. Our images, postings and other things projected on the Internet are less like washable sand and more like concrete casts. The concrete does not care whether the mold is appropriate or not. It is left for generations to come. We must be certain that we do what we can to be prudent prior to the mold setting.

Continuing from the knowledge gained in my Digital Footprint search, I researched the materials offered in our Resources this week and spent time exploring guides and documents by others. I ended up creating a plan that represents me and my intent to become digitally savvy. I have identified many weaknesses in establish and monitoring my professional digital identity. I intend to put this plan into practice to improve my brand and my image to represent my best me going forward.


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About "B" Bernheim
“B”, his nickname, returns to the other side of the desk after many years. Graduating from UNC-Charlotte in 1983 with a BA in Education (K-12), he entered active service with the US Army. He began teaching high school upon completion of his tour of duty. B taught Language Arts and Social Studies for one year at the middle school level. English, Composition, Public Speaking, Theater, Forensics, and Technical Theater are among the subjects he has taught in public high school settings. Most recently, he was a Strategies of Instruction teacher, Assistant Dean of Students, dorm parent, girls’ hockey coach and rock climbing instructor at The Forman School in Litchfield, CT. The Forman School is a 9-12 boarding school specifically targeting students who learn differently.

6 Responses to Safeguarding My Digital Identity – My Plan B

  1. jodylazarski says:

    Hi David,
    First of all, great job on your Google Slideshow. I enjoyed reading all of your steps, which were well supported by researched strategies as required. I thought you did a great job of listing your ideas, supporting them with great pictures. I liked your end quote too! However, it struck me as odd to see the word Insure… when I think you meant to use Ensure. Insure refers to “insurance” and ensure is a synonym of “guarantee” or “assure.” To double check my gut on this (i’m NO English major here , I looked it up in my Apple’s dictionary (see pic). You use it a couple of places so just be sure to fix where it appears.(on #3 and #5, #10 I think). Also, on #9, I wasn’t sure if you meant “principle” not “principal” (were you talking about a building representative or a “principle” concept?) And last thing, on your References list (I think the Lowenthal Reference is out of alpha order). Sorry to give you fixes Best, Jody

  2. I had meant to comment on your reflection last week but got really busy. I like your list, especially #3 – Be My Brand. It is really important to be consistent. I have a hard time working with this one as I have two different “brands” really – so I have now got two different Twitter accounts and I have to be careful about which I am using for what!
    I also like #7 – Be a gardener. It’s a lovely idea. And I think we saw that modeled this morning in the Twitter chat at #SatChatWC – how well the organizers and the guest included us newbies into the conversation, cultivating us.
    And I love your last quote, something to definitely keep in mind. Also, something to share with others who are inherently distrustful of social media. Nice job!

  3. "B" Bernheim says:

    Thanks Amanda for taking the time to offer feedback to my post. As to the last quote, I saw that on a sign at a marina/boat ramp back in the early ’90s. I asked around but could not find information on the original author. I have shared that with many high school students since.
    I agree we witnessed some fabulous gardening during that Twitter chat. It provided an amazing stream of information! I am still processing much of that.
    Thanks again.

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