Peer Review of Asychronous Lesson – Week 12

Peer Review


I was pretty hard on myself during this project, as I wanted to excel and impress. I am not sure this meets my standards but it is where I need to stop, as it must be turned in at some point. I did learn a few pointers from a classmate about Closed Captioning and attempting to add yet another layer. Other parts from the collaborative portion made me rethink the lesson for introverts or those who cannot truly cannot communicate using their own voice. The latter made me much more willing to explore those options as I thought of becoming a more inclusive educator.

So let’s talk about what is inside. There is a Prezi (hey, I like it.) There are many links and resources to Google Docs. I created a Checklist for the students with point values labeled. It is a Google form, so I could track who does what when. (Remember, I am not working and do not have access to an LMS.) I also attached a unit on Persuasive Speeches from Learnzillion to assist my learners who need the lesson broken down in a different way. I built a RAFT for helping some students to get started. And there are many, many links to templates and forms to help them. I even found a website that will allow you to upload your performed speeches and receive an evaluation.

In addition to my Scavenger Hunt (formative), I built a Feedback document to serve as a tool to help me become a better online educator.

I am proud of the diverse set of learners who can use this lesson. I have embedded the Prezi introduction below.