Draft of Online Lesson – Week 9

This is a Prezi and if you don’t care for the movement on the screen, please do not explore.

My rough draft is embedded below. I have yet to add audio. I keep deconstructing because I am not ever satisfied.smile I tried hard to consider PARC. But what really influenced me was Robert Duke’s speech. I have always been a backwards planner (or so I thought) and yet when he spoke about teaching a kid to drive and mentioned the key aspect, I realized some of my best lessons were truly flawed.

I spent a great deal of this week deconstructing how I have ever taught speech. Adding the text’s notes about teaching online differently from the classroom, I really put thought into how someone could navigate the journey on their own.

Again, this is a rough draft and it is by no means done. I don’t have the rubrics built or the hosting website. Many of you (my cohorts) possess drafts that make me feel behind the power curve. (That’s my burden, not yours.) However, I am proud of my progress. I am sure others of you will have a variety of ideas to assist me.

I intend to include a text attachment of my voiceovers, for those students who are more visual learners and/or may have audio processing issues.


Asychronous Netiquette Scavenger Hunt-521

Here is my assignment. Here is my Google Doc for the Scavenger Hunt. I was pretty frustrated for much of this time with technology. I seemed to advance one step and go back ten. I realize that it is less the technology and more the PIC (Person In Chair), meaning me.

The audio portion went pretty quickly once I satisfied myself I could not get it any cleaner with the microphone on my headset. It still drives me batty and I will at some point invest in a better microphone for recording lessons or speaking online. For the moment, I am a military spouse in the middle of shutdown and the microphone is at the bottom of my need list.

The website validated CSS and only had one error in HTML5. It did not like the code in the Prezi. Still frustrated with validating my page using Prezi. I have not discovered the fix. Will need to reach out to our tech support through the EDTECH Department and get guidance.

Asychronous discussion has it’s place. I, too, have a distinct disdain for the “post one and reply to three” requirement. The relationship becomes forced. I think experiencing a lesson or exploring a document on Google Docs becomes a 24 hour learning opportunity. However, mixing in a sychronous piece to the puzzle once in a while adds a great deal to the texture of a lesson. It gives a different flavor to knowing just a bit more about the folks with whom you are sharing experiences and wisdom.

I realize many folks here may have a disdain for synchronous lessons since most are in this program to fit their own busy schedules. There are also folks who eat their meals in very organized fashion. Peas cannot touch the potatoes and the potatoes cannot touch the chicken. And then there is me. I’m a chicken pot pie kinda guy. I think the mix is healthy and if nothing else, is comfort food for the brain.